Phone Photography Tips

Sometimes the best camera is the one you carry. These are simple tips will elevate your phone photos from ok to WOW!


  • Basic Phone Photography Tips

    My big camera is Canon and I love my Tamron 24-70 lens, but sometimes, the best camera is one you can easily carry with you everywhere all the time. The camera on phones have improved in quality so much over the last several years they’re great for making sure you document your everyday story. There…

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  • Seven Creative Strategies

    Seven Creative Strategies

    For this project I was to select one everyday easily recognizable object and combine it in ways that illustrated the Seven Creative Strategies: . The first stop in my process was to determine what object I was going to use. One of the requirements was the each final piece would have to have a title.…

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  • Responsive Design – Small Business Group Mock Project

    Responsive Design – Small Business Group Mock Project

    For one recent assignment it was necessary to create a site for a fictitious local city small business group. I chose to use my own photography and graphics for this project. Additional features include: I really love where I live which helped make this a fun project to do. Here are a couple of screenshots…

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  • Mustang – Go Further, In Reverse

    Mustang – Go Further, In Reverse

    Ford created some ad campaigns several years ago at the same time they were set to release a redesign of one of it’s most popular cars several years ago. This was one of those campaigns. It featured a bold splash of color as the background and the car, in this case the Ford Mustang, prominently…

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  • What’s in a Design? – Double Page Magazine Spread

    What’s in a Design? – Double Page Magazine Spread

    Just as with ads, how an article is designed conveys a message and draws the eye of the reader. The use of typography, the type of photos as well as their placement create a mood and communicate ideas. Typography The above double page spread utilizes typography in three different ways. The first is the the…

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  • “Design with Communication in Mind”

    “Design with Communication in Mind”

    Coke has been around for a long time and so have their ads. The shape of the bottle, the swish in the type, the color of their logo are all the things they used from the beginning to set their unique brand so that you instantly knew what drink you would want even if you…

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