Photochallenge : Animals

I spend my life surrounded by animals.  With 3 labs, a couple of whom are around 100 lbs.,  it’s difficult not to be.  Dogs everywhere.  And when it starts to warm up for the summer one place you can find Jackson is lying on top of the vent.



If his tongue is sticking out, then he’s really OUT!

However, if the dogs then go to get up and get up too quickly, turn their head or ….. Whatever it is they do, then their tags will get stuck in the vent. Then they end up wearing the vent like giant bling.





Sometimes they need to be rescued (like Maggie did here).  Others, they figure it out on their own.  We have come home to vents in strange locations.


Photochallenge : Early


I don’t know about you, but one of our family’s all time favorite foods is the strawberry.




I have waxed poetic about them before. Every year we start a countdown as we watch and wait for our local farms to open their pick your own fields. Last year we added a few little plants of our own and overwintered them. I wasn’t sure how they would do, but early indications are we will have quite a few this year.


Annie's Strawberries


If we can keep the dogs from eating them, that is.


And the countdown is over.  Pick your own fields are opening up.  Whoo hoo!!  Time to go strawberry picking!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Catching Up

A couple of months ago a friend of mine, Tabitha, ( who also happens to be a fantastic photographer) started a weekly photography challenge.  I was already on the hunt for one as a way to give me a way to focus on my own photography more, so I jumped on board.

Some weeks I rack my brain over the prompt.

Like when the prompt was “Pop of Color”



Pop of Color


Or “Bokeh”


Star Wars Bokeh


This one really did occur to me as I was falling asleep.  Since the prompt was “Sleepy” and I tend to have a lot of these moments, the photo means all sorts of things to me.




Some of the photos involve the dogs.  I didn’t tell Annie that the photo I took of her was because of her grey hair for “Straight Lines”




And Maggie simply likes to be nearby so when I was taking my photo for “Laundry” and she stopped to look out the window, I took advantage of the moment.




Now to figure what I’m going to do for this week’s prompt.


And sometimes, Old Dogs get tired….

Old Dog

Sometimes, when an old dog gets tired there are many things they still want to do and just can’t. You can see it in their eyes. Sometimes they try. They get a little beside themselves with excitement and forget for a moment that they’re old. It hurts. Because you remember when they could.

Sometimes, even though the mind is willing, the body says, “I’m done.” Our Old Dog was still happy, her tail wagging when we came down to her to pet her, but her body (at 15 years old) was simply tired and it was time to say good-bye.

I would like to think someone was already there throwing a tennis ball for her to catch – or maybe she finally caught that rabbit she was constantly chasing in her sleep.

She was loved and we know she always knew it.

Sometimes you have to get sneaky with old dogs.

Old Dog

Getting a picture of this dog is not an easy thing. She’s smart and she doesn’t like the flash. At 14 she’s learned a few things. As soon as you raise the camera to your eye she gets up and is on her way out of the room. She just won’t put up with having her picture taken. Our early attempts resulted in a LOT of blurry pictures of a dog’s back end.

But I’m just a little bit smarter (I think). I didn’t put the camera anywhere near my face or even pick it up (thanks to the flip out screen). All the sounds are turned off on my camera (so she can’t hear when I “click” the shutter to take the picture) and the flash was off.

I swear, I still think she knew.