What a Crazy Roller Coaster

…. or sometimes I’d like to know what the Lord is up to…. (but I’ll get to that in a moment)

When I last left you the week began on a sad note.  That week only got worse.  I really do try not to be too attached to things.  I promise.  But when I was rear-ended by an E250 van I was SOhappy I was driving a truck.  You’ll never, NEVER get me to drive a small car.  EVER.  Sorry.  And I do love my truck (her name is Maid Marian -crazy I know) and she is now back to being beautiful again – new hitch, bumper fixed, frame straight again (yes it bent the frame).  And I was able to drive her to Girls Camp.


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We had an amazing time at Girls Camp this year.  Our theme was “Experience the Change” from Alma 5: 13-14 and we used butterflies as our “Mascot” for the week.  The great part about it was the girls worked hard to do what needed to be done.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go next year because my brother is getting married and I think it will be the same week, but I’ll be there the year after.  I love camp!

Back from camp and we jumped in to adopting a dog.  We found a fabulous rescue organization.  Can I just say if you’re looking at getting a pet, please search your area for a local group that is doing animal rescue.  You may find you get more information than you would adopting from the SPCA about the pet and it has been a great experience for our family.


Maggie -1


Maggie is an absolutely wonderful 2 year old chocolate lab and we just love her already.  She has so much personality.   She makes us laugh all the time.   She fits right in with our family – she’s just as crazy as the rest of us!

So what’s with the roller coaster?  All of that is up right?  The truck is fixed, Girls Camp was fantastic, fabulous new family member – where’s the loop -d- loops?

I got a new calling.   Let me tell you having your husband as the Stake President Executive secretary gets interesting when he walks into the living room and tells you “We need to be at church a little early to meet with….” and I KNEW it was for me!  I got cold and clammy.  He asked if it would help if he listed all of the callings that currently needed to be filled?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!  NO!

But of all of the callings that went through my head in the time I had to think about it I never once thought of the words that were uttered.

Early Morning Seminary Teacher.  I blinked.  Really.

See.  I don’t think about the fact that I’ve been driving my children for Ohhh…. 6 years now.  So it’s habit to be up at that time whether I drive them or not.  I went to seminary when I was High School.  Sure.

But Seminary Teachers know stuff.  I don’t.  What is the Lord thinking?  What is he up to.  Sometimes I just don’t know.  I do love that we’re teaching the Book of Mormon this year – and the Doctrine and Covenants will be next year.  And while there are times I get frustrated with the “kids” (they’re not kids) – They are amazing.  I’ve known most of them since they were Primary age and I’m So proud to see the Men and Women they are growing up to be.

Talk about feeling humbled…..

Pioneers, Bloomers and Women’s Rights?


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Would you have ever thought bloomers, BLOOMERS, were a part of the Women’s Sufferage Movement?!  Until last week I had absolutely no clue.  I’ve been helping K. getting ready for a Pioneer Trek the youth are taking this week.  I was converting some pjs and checking just a couple of details when google turned up some links on how they came into fashion.

It seems Amelia Bloomer (who edited the first newspaper for women “The Lily”) wanted to reform women’s clothing back in the early 19th century. She felt women should feel attractive in their clothing, but that was secondary to “health, comfort, and usefulness”. So she adopted the outfit pictured above from Elizabeth Smith Miller and publicized it in her paper.

And because they also wanted the right to vote and other rights for women those that wore bloomers were ridiculed and criticized in the press as well as in public.

I will admit, I’m glad they abandoned bloomers.  I can think of other things done in the name of making a statement for women’s rights that I simply wouldn’t have done.  I AM glad that these women had the courage to speak and be a voice for change when they saw it needed to be done.

Amelia wrote in the first issue of The Lily, “Surely, she may without throwing aside the modest refinements which so much become her sex, use her influence to lead her fellow mortals from the destroyer’s path.”

I’d like to sit and talk with her for a while. I think it would be a great conversation.

Be Still and know that I am God.


Conference still has one more session, but I have to say that I feel as if I have already been so nourished that I might burst.  I needed this, more than words can express.

With Easter coming I may have other thoughts, but for now I will simply quote a scripture that was quoted in two different talks from Doctrine & Covenants section 61, verse 36.

Be of good cheer, little children; for I am in your midst, and I have not forsaken you;

With all that is going on in the world and that goes on in our lives it’s good to be reminded that we are never alone.


Whether you set resolutions or not, it’s tough not to reflect at the beginning of the new year.  We look back on the previous year and take stock.  Where were we this time last year?  Are we better now than we were then?  They often lead to what we can do to improve things that might not be as good as we’d like. 

I began to think about this a month ago as changes started to happen with my calling.   About the time I was released I saw this post over at I Believe in Miracles where she asks if you’ve picked a word for the year. Just one word to focus on for the year. Hmmm… Oh, yeah. That got me thinking, to be sure.

Then there were many other posts as New Year’s Eve approached. As I read this one over at Segulla about “Playing Big” my word started to come into focus. Something I’ve felt lacking in me.

I need to connect. Connect through service, listening, and, if prompted, shared experiences. I want to connect more with my family, to listen more to their needs. I want to feel closer to the family that isn’t near – and there are a lot of them. This is going to take some creativity (especially with all of the changes happening in our family at the moment).  To connect with friends, old and new.  And in connecting to share their burdens and hopefully make them lighter. 

Hopefully, if I “connect” more, it will be one thing that will help me shine a little brighter.

What are your thoughts for the New Year?

My hope for all is that you find joy and laughter through any situation and circumtance.

It’s like death and taxes……

Over 2 years ago I was given the assignment to be the president of our church’s Primary organization.  This organization is for children 18 months to 11 years old and there were around 40 children there each week.  I wasn’t prepared for the rush of love that I felt for every single one of those children.  And I knew when I was called that there would come a day when it would be someone else’s turn.  

That day was today.  Next week it will be her turn to listen as they sing, “Once There was a Snowman!” lightening fast or “I am A Child of God” as the last song of the day.  It will be her turn to make sure to call on one of the children to say the opening prayer.  It will be her turn to listen as they tell her about their Christmas.  

She’ll be wonderful. 

I will miss them, but it was time.

Next week I will try not to cause too much of  a disruption in Sunday School with my husband.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Yellow brick road

It’s done and yes, it was insane.  It took all week, but I finished C.’s quilt.

It was insane enough trying to finish his quilt.  While he was at school.  One day I spent the day quilting out of the house just to be able to get in more quilting time.

It also happened that I needed to finish it during a week when I had a Nativity program for the children at church for the ward Christmas party.  A meeting to work on things for next year in Primary.  And a baptism in Primary.  All very good things.

The children always amaze me when they do a program.  They were so excited to do be in the Nativity.  We had itchy angels and levitating sheep.  Last year the wise men got a little lost.  This year the shepherd’s got seperated, but they found each other again.  It was great.  Having children act out the birth of the Savior just adds a beautiful touch to the season.

And the baptism was wonderful.

There were blips this week.  Some bigger than others.  But I’m really glad I’ve had the other moments to balance things out.

And I’m really glad the quilt is done in time.


PS  –   Yellow Brick Road is the name of the pattern.  I think the only resemblance to any brick road, yellow or otherwise, is that some of the squares in the blocks look like bricks.


It was the end of the day and the children had been singing for nearly an hour.  Everyone had been working hard and the children had been doing a fabulous job.  For the last song they were told the Bishop was in his office and we wanted to see if they could sing so that he could hear them through the closed door of the Primary room and his office door.   And we learned what power they truly had in their voices.

Sitting at the front of the room as they collectively put everything they had into singing “I Am a Child of God” took my breath away. 

And the Bishop came to peak in the back of the room.

First Thoughts and Impressions

I love General Conference.  I’ll post more later I’m sure, but the first session was so amazing I just couldn’t wait to post a few of the things that were stand-outs for me.  (These aren’t all quotes.  Some have to do with the topic of the speaker’s talk)

  • When I was little all of the temples that were built at the time fit in a circle on the front of my Book of Rememberance.  Less than 30 years later and that would be an impossible cover to achieve.  Amazing.
  • Spritual Benefits of a Simplified Lifestyle.  I need to simplify my life and there are so many ways I can do this and need to do this.  I took a lot of notes during Elder L. Tom Perry’s talk.
  • Prepare to participate in the Sacrament – (I think I talk a little too much before Sacrament Meeting.)
  • “She put Faith and Hope into action”  – Now that is cool.  I need to do that more.

I am so glad that someone over at Segullah issued the Challenge to think of specific questions before Conference and then we’d meet back and discuss the answers.  I didn’t write them down.  And truthfully, my questions weren’t even all that specific (Ok, I did have one specific thing that I may talk about when Conference is over), but just the very act of thinking about them helped focus my thoughts. 

And yes, I’ve gotten some answers already.