Monday Walkabout: Fredericksburg Street Art

Drive over the Chatham Bridge towards Fredericksburg and you will see another fantastic feature of Old Town.  It’s Murals.


William Street Mural

This was painted by Mirinda Reynolds, Carol Coffman and a small group of high school students.


The Warmth of Fredericksburg

This is one part of 5 panels.  It’s titled “The Warmth of Fredericksburg” and was painted by Jay D. Anderson.


There are so many things I love about both of these.  The details, the tone, the sentiments.  They’re amazing.

Monday Walkabout : Black and White Edition

Downtown Fredericksburg is an eclectic town filled with historic architecture, tatoo parlors, beautiful murals, antique shops and seriously fantastic food.   And yet, you can still find a place a to park.  Even better!

I started out this day with a view of the steeple from St. George’s Episcopal Church.    The current structure dates back to 1849 and George Washington attended the congregation in the orginal wooden structure that was on the site on 1738.


St. Georg's Episcopal Church


There are plenty of details that add to the charm of oldtown as well.

Sconces outside shops





And patios down alleyways.


Secret Patio



And ironwork steps


Ironwork Steps



There is just so much to explore.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Catching Up

A couple of months ago a friend of mine, Tabitha, ( who also happens to be a fantastic photographer) started a weekly photography challenge.  I was already on the hunt for one as a way to give me a way to focus on my own photography more, so I jumped on board.

Some weeks I rack my brain over the prompt.

Like when the prompt was “Pop of Color”



Pop of Color


Or “Bokeh”


Star Wars Bokeh


This one really did occur to me as I was falling asleep.  Since the prompt was “Sleepy” and I tend to have a lot of these moments, the photo means all sorts of things to me.




Some of the photos involve the dogs.  I didn’t tell Annie that the photo I took of her was because of her grey hair for “Straight Lines”




And Maggie simply likes to be nearby so when I was taking my photo for “Laundry” and she stopped to look out the window, I took advantage of the moment.




Now to figure what I’m going to do for this week’s prompt.


Monday Walkabout – Old Town Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, Virginia sits right on the Rappahannock River. George Washington, Mary Washington, James Monroe lived in the area just to name a few.  Then there are the civil war sites.  More than you can shake a stick at, that’s for sure.  Several pivotal battles occured in the area.  At some point, I’ll have to tell you the story of The Sunken Road and the man who crossed enemy lines.  It’s an amazing story.


Confederate Cemetary


My walk began at the Confederate Cemetary.  The Civil War is one I hope to never see repeated in the United States again.  I’m always a little quieter when I walk near places like this.


Cemetary Gate


From there I went downtown.  I turned a corner as I was walking and this bright blue door practically begged to have it’s picture taken.  I only needed to dodge a few cars to get it, too.


Bright Blue Door


Down the road a bit is the Fredericksburg Baptist Church.  It is a beautiful building.  I have a lot of respect for their history and the work they are trying to do.  Part of that history is that the building sustained considerable damage during the Battle of Fredericksburg and while it was used as an army field hospital during the Civil War.

Today they are a thriving congregation. These purple ribbons represent those who made a commitment to read the Bible with intent.  I LOVE this!


Purple Ribbons


Fredericksburg is a fantastic place and I can’t wait to share bits and pieces of it with you.



What Does Spring Taste Like?


Strawberries are one the most wonderful gifts we have ever been given.  Fresh out of the box with nothing else added they taste like sunshine, spring and happiness bursting in each sweet bite.

But that’s just the beginning!  There’s strawberry shortcake (which I prefer with pound cake as the base), strawberry smoothies, strawberry jam, chocolate covered strawberries (YUM!), strawberry cheesecake, strawberry pie…the possibilities are astounding.

K. and I went and picked 30+ lbs. of these delightful berries yesterday.  I’ve already made 6 pints of jam and frozen some of the berries for other things in the year.  We had shortcake for dessert last night.  And I still have some in the fridge to have fun with now (YES!).

So what are your favorite strawberry recipes?  I’d love to try some of them.

Sometimes you have to get sneaky with old dogs.

Old Dog

Getting a picture of this dog is not an easy thing. She’s smart and she doesn’t like the flash. At 14 she’s learned a few things. As soon as you raise the camera to your eye she gets up and is on her way out of the room. She just won’t put up with having her picture taken. Our early attempts resulted in a LOT of blurry pictures of a dog’s back end.

But I’m just a little bit smarter (I think). I didn’t put the camera anywhere near my face or even pick it up (thanks to the flip out screen). All the sounds are turned off on my camera (so she can’t hear when I “click” the shutter to take the picture) and the flash was off.

I swear, I still think she knew.

Be Still and know that I am God.


Conference still has one more session, but I have to say that I feel as if I have already been so nourished that I might burst.  I needed this, more than words can express.

With Easter coming I may have other thoughts, but for now I will simply quote a scripture that was quoted in two different talks from Doctrine & Covenants section 61, verse 36.

Be of good cheer, little children; for I am in your midst, and I have not forsaken you;

With all that is going on in the world and that goes on in our lives it’s good to be reminded that we are never alone.