The Beach, Part Deux


Here are a couple more pictures from my morning at the beach.  I like the one above for the colors that you can see as the sun shines through the water.  It’s what I was thinking about when I was planning the quilt for G.


The beach is the only place I like to see Seagulls.  They’re pests just about everywhere else.  But they’re pretty at the beach.

Life at the Beach


I’m not sure what I like more when I go to the beach.  Watching the play of light on the sand and the water.  The sound of the waves crashing into each other and the shore.  Or simply watching others enjoy the beach.  Especially the animals.  Like this Puppy.  Who knows how old he is, he is a puppy for sure.  And this is what he’s chasing.

Sand Crab


Ghost Crabs were all over the beach at this point digging in and out of the sand.  They stayed clear of people and any time anything moved near them they were back inside the sand as quick as you could blink.  The dog was going to catch one though.  The first picture I took actually shows how determined he is.


He would get up.  Sit for a moment and then move on to the next Ghost Crab that caught his eye.  He was having a great time too.  In reality, he didn’t care if he caught one.  He just wanted to keep chasing them and was really happy that there were so many of them to chase.