Phone Photography Tips

Sometimes the best camera is the one you carry. These are simple tips will elevate your phone photos from ok to WOW!


  • Photochallenge : Falling Water

    Photochallenge : Falling Water

    Let’s say you decide for a “Falling Water” prompt you decide to take a picture of the local river.  You even know where there’s a small waterfall.  Perfect.  And you have about 45 minutes between appointments, it’s plenty of time, because this spot is on the way.  Of course, this means, you’re wearing your regular,…

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  • Photochallenge : Early

    Photochallenge : Early

      I don’t know about you, but one of our family’s all time favorite foods is the strawberry.     I have waxed poetic about them before. Every year we start a countdown as we watch and wait for our local farms to open their pick your own fields. Last year we added a few…

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  • Vintage Signs

    Vintage Signs

    I headed out this week, not for a walkabout, but for a country drive.  This area is also farm country and there are plenty of windy, twisty roads to simply drive.  If you did, you might pass cows across from a gas station, horse farms, a winery, battlefields, George Washington’s Boyhood Home, one of the best…

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  • Photochallenge : Books

    Photochallenge : Books

    We’re in week 11 of the 52 week Photochallenge from Tabitha. The prompt this week was “Books”.  I had a few ideas and knew where I wanted to go for the challenge right away.  However, as is typcally the case, it was the unexpected opportunity, that turned out to be my favorite photo. There are…

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  • Monday Walkabout: Fredericksburg Street Art

    Monday Walkabout: Fredericksburg Street Art

    Drive over the Chatham Bridge towards Fredericksburg and you will see another fantastic feature of Old Town.  It’s Murals.   This was painted by Mirinda Reynolds, Carol Coffman and a small group of high school students.   This is one part of 5 panels.  It’s titled “The Warmth of Fredericksburg” and was painted by Jay…

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  • Monday Walkabout : Black and White Edition

    Monday Walkabout : Black and White Edition

    Downtown Fredericksburg is an eclectic town filled with historic architecture, tatoo parlors, beautiful murals, antique shops and seriously fantastic food.   And yet, you can still find a place a to park.  Even better! I started out this day with a view of the steeple from St. George’s Episcopal Church.    The current structure dates…

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