Phone Photography Tips

Sometimes the best camera is the one you carry. These are simple tips will elevate your phone photos from ok to WOW!


  • Elizabeth River Skylines

    Elizabeth River Skylines

    Our wedding reception last month was held in Norfolk. The view of Portmouth from our hotel each morning.   The view of Norfolk as we’re cruising on the Elizabeth River.   Even a shipyard looks pretty in the right light.      

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  • Assateage Island Sunrise

    Assateage Island Sunrise

      The quiet before the storm that came later that day.  

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  • Summer Walkabouts : Arlington Cemetary

    Summer Walkabouts : Arlington Cemetary

    Summer has been busy here.  We’ve had family visiting from other places, gone to visit family ourselves, and had a wedding reception.  Most of that was within one month!  It’s been a great summer! We took an opportunity when family was visiting to go with them to some of the sights nearby.  One place we…

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  • Street Art : Via Colori

    Street Art : Via Colori

    Via Colori is of my favorite events each year in Downtown Fredericksburg.  They block off Sophia and Charlotte Streets and artists from around the area are given a section for a fee to draw with pastels on the pavement. The fees go to benefit The Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation. They have some excellent programs for…

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  • Photochallenge : Animals

    Photochallenge : Animals

    I spend my life surrounded by animals.  With 3 labs, a couple of whom are around 100 lbs.,  it’s difficult not to be.  Dogs everywhere.  And when it starts to warm up for the summer one place you can find Jackson is lying on top of the vent.   If his tongue is sticking out,…

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  • Spotsylvania : Wilderness Battlefield

    Spotsylvania : Wilderness Battlefield

    Fredericksburg and the surrounding area saw some of the worst battles during The Civil War.  The Civil War, like any war, is about more than one thing.  It’s complicated and messy.  At times brutal, others inspiring.  There was good and bad on both sides.  It was sad note in our history. The Wilderness Battlefield was…

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