Basic Phone Photography Tips

My big camera is Canon and I love my Tamron 24-70 lens, but sometimes, the best camera is one you can easily carry with you everywhere all the time. The camera on phones have improved in quality so much over the last several years they’re great for making sure you document your everyday story. There are some basic things you can do to help those photos be even better.

1.) Move your body!

Move Your Body

My number one time is don’t be afraid to move your body. Move in close, get down on the ground, look up, look down, turn around (try not to get dizzy). The world looks different from different angles. Hint: don’t think you can get down on the ground? Turn your phone upside down and see how that changes the view!

Watch the Lighting

Daytime, cloudy, light from behind (backlit), or nighttime are all different. When the light changes, so does the world and how it looks.

Get in the Photos

Get in the Photos

Lastly, get in the photos. It’s just as important to show you as part of your story as it is to document those around you. We have ups and downs. Don’t stop documenting your story, no matter what. It’s your story and important to document what you’re feeling and what’s happening.

These are just some of the basics. I’ll post other tips in the future.

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