Seven Creative Strategies

For this project I was to select one everyday easily recognizable object and combine it in ways that illustrated the Seven Creative Strategies:

  • Combination
  • Juxtaposition
  • Isolation
  • Metaphor or Simile
  • Out of Context or Environment
  • Physical Shape Similarity
  • Material Change or Swap

. The first stop in my process was to determine what object I was going to use.

One of the requirements was the each final piece would have to have a title. As I worked through choosing an object for each of the strategies, if I couldn’t think of a title, I discarded the idea and moved on to another. This allowed me to work through and determine which one felt like the ultimate best match for me, DONUTS! I didn’t anticipate the consequences that would arise from this decision.

The Results

Once I had my object I set about finding images available free for commercial use. This time I used and set about to work.

Combination – Two unrelated objects combined into something new

“Time for Donuts”

Juxtaposition – The combination of to unexpected objects

“All Roads Lead to Donuts”

Isolation – One element is given focus by visually isolating it from other elements in the design

“Donut get Eggcited” – Credit to my brother for the Title.

Metaphor / Simile – Elements are combined within the design to emphasize meaning

“Kickin the Habit”

Out of Context – Takes and object out of usual context or environment

“Sugar Fix”

Physical Shape or Similarity – Replaces an object with something the same shape. Typically emphasizes elements that don’t connect.

“Sweet Tunes”

Material Change, Swap or Focus – Swaps a property from one object or material to another

“A Donut by Any Other Name”

I enjoyed this project, however, I didn’t realize that I would crave donuts EVEN MORE than I usually do. Hindsight is 20/20!

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