Responsive Design – Small Business Group Mock Project

For one recent assignment it was necessary to create a site for a fictitious local city small business group. I chose to use my own photography and graphics for this project. Additional features include:

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Banner Header photo on each page with Button Call to action
  • Featured Business List with Cards and Hover Over Lift and Shading
  • Hover Over Underline Decoration on the Navigation Menu
  • The ability to pull from a database for a frontpage Calendar Information Area
  • Local weather on the screen
  • Current Date as well as Date Last Modified
  • Page showing the member organizations (Links aren’t active as it is Mock Site)
  • A Form to Join the organization as well as a contact form
  • Placeholders for social media links

I really love where I live which helped make this a fun project to do.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the site:

You can check out the full finished site at the link below.

Mock Responsive Design Local Small Business Group

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