What’s in a Design? – Double Page Magazine Spread

The Architectural Review 1404 February 2014

Just as with ads, how an article is designed conveys a message and draws the eye of the reader. The use of typography, the type of photos as well as their placement create a mood and communicate ideas.



The above double page spread utilizes typography in three different ways. The first is the the most noticeable. The title, done in a bold sans serif all caps font. In fact, except for some extremely slight deviation in the letter “R”, every letter in the title is without decoration and it is presented in black. It creates a strong statement taking up almost the entire third of the page opposite the photograph. The choices for the sub-heading are the second choice . In this case it is set above the main title, the text is smaller than the title and a serif font is used. The third option on the page is in the caption. They use a san serif font. The font size is a little smaller than the sub-heading, but it is a red color instead of black, helping it to stand out on the page.

The Photo

The photo in the article uses a couple photography methods to draw the eye.

The students in the photo are placed at the cross-juncture in the bottom third of the photo. Their age is inferred in the photo and having them at that point alludes to the possible subject of the article, even though they are blurry and you can’t see their faces.

The leading lines of the street draw the eye forward. In this case the lines draw your eye toward the other focal point of the photo, the light.

Alternate Photos

Black and White street scene photo of a girl walking through a tunnel
Black and White Photo of a street with strong leading lines
Black and white photo of a busy street

The top photo closely recreates the same general feeling for this article. It has the same leading lines created with being in a tunnel. There is a difference with the placement of the subject of the photo in a different location being centered in the photo. However, the overall feeling is closely matched.

The second photo is also a “street scene” and has the same leading lines but a different subject. The leading lines of the buildings on the side draw the reader to the subject in the center.

The last street scene has leading lines from the median down the center of the street and the buildings on the side of the street.

Each of these are general enough that I think they could be swapped out of the layout, though I believe the first one is the most effective of the three.

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