New Year, New Word… Just One Word… Any Word..

Instead of picking one or two (or twenty – I need lots of work) goals to focus on for the year a few years ago I started choosing one word.  It worked pretty well.  Every now and then the word would pop into my head (or sometimes I would get smacked with it or beaten with it) as a gentle reminder of what I was trying to achieve.  It never affected just one area.  One little word managed to wind itself into many aspects of my life.  It kept me on my toes looking for opportunities of improvement, until by the end of the year I am a little sad to see that one little word go when it’s time to choose the next one.

But it is time.  Last years word won’t disappear.  It just fades a bit into the background.  It was a great word.  I’m really looking forward to next year’s word now. It’s going to be a great year.

What about you?  Do you set goals or is one word more your style?

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