It’s WAR!!!

**Warning** This post may contain images that will make your skin crawl!!! (But hey, sometimes life can do that.) You’ve been warned.

I discovered this MONSTER on my tomato plant this morning. What the heck. Where would something THIS SIZE come from overnight?!?


Thank heavens for the internet. I hit google and had an answer. In fact I found all the information I could probably ever want to know about Tomato Hornworms on a cooking site (Tammy’s Recipes to be exact)? Makes sense. If you want to grow tomatoes and eventually have any to cook or eat you might need to know how to get rid of these ugly guys.

Unfortunately for me it looks like the most effective way to deal with them is simply plucking them off and killing them.

And I don’t care how much they fight or hold on they are NOT. Getting. MY. Tomatoes!!!

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