Brain Dump

I’m working on a quilt project.  Shhh.. it’s a suprise for…. I’m not even posting who yet.  Just in case he decides to pop in.  All the blocks are done and I’m going to finish the top tomorrow.  

I also sign up for a nine patch a day quilt a long.  WHAT was I thinking?  I’m already behind.  Lots of squares cut, but nothing sewn.  I’m not giving up though, it just may be smaller.  One of these days I’ll have my machine set up all the time in a nice craft room so things like that will be “easier”.  rIIIiiight.

My living room and kitchen are a wreck though.  And we’re having the missionaries over on Monday.  SO that MIGHT take precidence.

It’s Eagle project season again at our house.  I will be patient… I will be patient…

Have you heard about the guy who set a goal to go to every Starbucks in the world?  He’s been traveling all over the place drinking lattes.  He’s hit a stumbling block though as Starbucks keeps closing stores.  He might not be able to achieve his goal!  Somehow I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy for him. 

I watched the semi-finals of the National Spelling Bee today.  I heard words I have NEVER heard before in my life and I think the oldest participant was 14.  The oldest finalist is 13!!  Spelling mystifies me (I use a dictionary a LOT!).  The finals are on now.  The words are even crazier.  I mean “fackeltanz”??  I’d be so doomed.

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