Sometimes you have to get sneaky with old dogs.

Old Dog

Getting a picture of this dog is not an easy thing. She’s smart and she doesn’t like the flash. At 14 she’s learned a few things. As soon as you raise the camera to your eye she gets up and is on her way out of the room. She just won’t put up with having her picture taken. Our early attempts resulted in a LOT of blurry pictures of a dog’s back end.

But I’m just a little bit smarter (I think). I didn’t put the camera anywhere near my face or even pick it up (thanks to the flip out screen). All the sounds are turned off on my camera (so she can’t hear when I “click” the shutter to take the picture) and the flash was off.

I swear, I still think she knew.

One thought on “Sometimes you have to get sneaky with old dogs.

  1. this is sooo funny! What a beautiful picture, you would think the dog was posing. But this story really made me laugh! pretty sneaky Connie, pretty sneaky!!!

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