Ted Koppel is pretty smart….

Or Impressions since watching the Young Women’s Broadcast

  • What do I want my “Personal Banner” to be?  What would it look like? 
  • I love that they’ve challenged not just the YW, but also their mothers to complete the value experiences together for “Virtue” that have been added to the Young Women Personal Progress program. 
  • Pres. Thomas S. Monson quoted Ted Koppel, ” What Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai were not the Ten Suggestions.  They are Commandments.  Are, not were.” 
  • Some previous council from President Monson that I need to put into effect.  Three goals.  
    1. Study Diligently
    2. Pray Earnestly
    3. Serve Willingly


I’m pretty sure there’s something in there that will get my mojo going.

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