Yeah! Daylight Savings Time is BACK!

Am I the only person in the whole wide universe (ok… world) who feels that Daylight savings time just flat out feels more normal that what they call “Standard time”?  I just like it better.  It feels natural.  Maybe it fits my circadian rhythms (HA!).  We had a discussion about them this past week at our house.  What?  You didn’t?!

Maybe it’s because it means winter is pretty much over and I’m good with that.  I get crazy (umm.. some might say cranky is a better word) about this point and I’m ready to dig in the dirt.  And I’m going to dig in the dirt this year.   I LOVE Spring!  Absolutely love it.  I can’t wait to have the windows open and have a good breeze blowing through the house.

I’m ready for Green too.  Green in the trees… more daffodils than crazy early bloomers who thought it was time to bloom and who have now been frozen for their efforts (frustrates me every time!   See… I get cranky.)  But in a few weeks we’ll have daffodils everywhere and then tulips and azaleas AND COLOR!  YEAH!  That’s exactly what I need.  Color.


But it starts this weekend with a little Spring forward.

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