Love is….

What does love mean to you?  If you had to take a picture of it, what would it be?  This is the subject of the Weekly Challenge at Hope and Believe.

Kevin and the kids came to mind first. And, truthfully, if I can get Kevin to give me a good portrait while I’m taking the picture,… well lets just say it will definitely be a challenge!

So I decided to think outside the box – it was easier.

I’ve already waxed poetic about chocolate and how much I love it.  So it should be no surprise that I would take a photo of it.  I do love chocolate & raspberry together.  But sometimes you just need a good ol’ fashioned Hershey bar.




I also love, LOVE fabric.  The colors pull me in, the feel of it makes me want to take it home and think of things to make with it.  *sigh*




This last thing is well, a bit mushier and there’s more of a story.  When Kevin and I were dating back in high school Hardee’s ran a promotion.  They had Pound Puppies that you could buy when you ate there.  I know you couldn’t buy them all at once and he got me the whole set for Christmas.  I think that was our first Christmas together.




Don’t let the sad face fool ya.  There’s still a lotta love left in that puppy.

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