You should be a spiritual mustard seed, not a mentos geyser

According to C.  your spirituality (and how you act) should be like the return we get from that planted mustard seed.  Not necessarily showy, but a steady yield.  It shouldn’t be like a mentos geyser.  Flashy, lots of fun for the moment, and over quickly.

I wouldn’t have thought you could pull an object lesson out of doing mentos geysers for Family Home Evening, but I think he did a pretty good job.



Of course this was also all in the interest of science.  We had to know if the number of mentos make a difference to the height of the geyser.

I’m also here to attest that there was absolutely no fizz left in the soda.

It was awesome.

2 responses to “You should be a spiritual mustard seed, not a mentos geyser”

  1. WHOA!!!! this is so cool – you guys are like the myth busters!! and I love that you can bring spirituality into a science trick C. !! Annica was asking about C. the other day – “who was that boy that came to the baseball game with us again mommy? And whats his friend’s name? (greg)”

  2. What a great FHE lesson! I’m so impressed! I’ve always wanted to try the mentos geyser thing…but then I kind of don’t want my boys to learn to make that kind of mess just yet! =) Your blog seriously makes me smile.

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