I’m up! I’m Up! Nooooooo…..

I really should be in bed.  I would be.  If I wasn’t just getting mad at myself for not being able to fall asleep.  Again.  It happens on a fairly regular basis.  I’m told that as you get older it’s something that just sort of evolves.  Great.  Ducky. 

I miss sleep… why do I suddenly have Bare Naked Ladies running through my head?  Who needs sleep?  Me!!!  I need sleep.  I get cranky when I don’t get enough sleep.  Ok.. I try not to be cranky.  I don’t have time to be cranky. 

I won’t be.  Thank heavens I don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow, or the next day or the next.  I’m REALLY grateful for that.  REALLY. 

Maybe I’m finally tired….

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