It’s like death and taxes……

Over 2 years ago I was given the assignment to be the president of our church’s Primary organization.  This organization is for children 18 months to 11 years old and there were around 40 children there each week.  I wasn’t prepared for the rush of love that I felt for every single one of those children.  And I knew when I was called that there would come a day when it would be someone else’s turn.  

That day was today.  Next week it will be her turn to listen as they sing, “Once There was a Snowman!” lightening fast or “I am A Child of God” as the last song of the day.  It will be her turn to make sure to call on one of the children to say the opening prayer.  It will be her turn to listen as they tell her about their Christmas.  

She’ll be wonderful. 

I will miss them, but it was time.

Next week I will try not to cause too much of  a disruption in Sunday School with my husband.

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