Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Yellow brick road

It’s done and yes, it was insane.  It took all week, but I finished C.’s quilt.

It was insane enough trying to finish his quilt.  While he was at school.  One day I spent the day quilting out of the house just to be able to get in more quilting time.

It also happened that I needed to finish it during a week when I had a Nativity program for the children at church for the ward Christmas party.  A meeting to work on things for next year in Primary.  And a baptism in Primary.  All very good things.

The children always amaze me when they do a program.  They were so excited to do be in the Nativity.  We had itchy angels and levitating sheep.  Last year the wise men got a little lost.  This year the shepherd’s got seperated, but they found each other again.  It was great.  Having children act out the birth of the Savior just adds a beautiful touch to the season.

And the baptism was wonderful.

There were blips this week.  Some bigger than others.  But I’m really glad I’ve had the other moments to balance things out.

And I’m really glad the quilt is done in time.


PS  –   Yellow Brick Road is the name of the pattern.  I think the only resemblance to any brick road, yellow or otherwise, is that some of the squares in the blocks look like bricks.

3 thoughts on “Follow the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Connie, love the quilt!!! Looks fabulous! You and your tote bag have given me the sewing bug–I ended up making 6 tote bags (only 1 for myself). I’m now working on a quilt for Amelia to match the one you gave Adeline (which I LOVE) and some patchwork kitchen towels and hotpads for Christmas gifts. I’ve asked for more sewing supplies for Christmas. So if Markus starts complaining about my new-found hobby, I’ll just send him your way. ; ) Glad to hear the Christmas nativity went well. Love seeing the kids do that. Merry Christmas!

    1. Anything I can do to spread the insanity is a good thing. I also happen to know of at least one fabric store that I like up in your area. It’s a little shop, but lots of cute fabric. More on the south side of town though – I head in there when we have Girls’ camp 🙂

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