Classic Children’s Books

connie-and-sharon-1My younger sister and I

This picture only serves to illustrate why I believe I’m destined to have long hair my entire life (believe me – I have other pictures of me with short hair MUCH, MUCH  worse).

But that isn’t what I was going to write about.  What books did you read when you were really little?  I wouldn’t have tried to remember if it hadn’t been for a post over on Compulsive Writer.  I didn’t really start to read a lot until much later (not that my parents didn’t try).  So it was difficult trying to think what I read then.  Ok… it might have more to do with the fact that my memory has never been even remotely good and wouldn’t you know it?  It’s getting worse.

But I did remember this book and some fond memories of the main character, Frances.  Probably because she wouldn’t go to bed.


What got me started reading to the point that I think Mom wished that she hadn’t gotten me hooked?


When I was reading them there were 44 books in the series.  I remember because I read them all at least twice.  I was around 11 and I’ve been in love with reading ever since.  Thanks, Mom.

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