Art and Individual Worth

K. and I worked on her value project today for Individual Worth.  For those who might not know, our Young Women participate in a goal oriented program divided into different areas.  Once they complete a set number of goals in each area they need to also choose and complete a goal that illustrates each area and will take a minimum of 10 hours to finish.  K. wanted to do a scrapbook of the art she made in her art class this past year in school.  Instead of trying to cram each art piece in the scrapbook (some are quite large) she picked her favorites and I took photos of them.  (This also means I can share some of my favorites with you.)


The mask in the bottom right corner was made first and the others are “rubbings” are the original.


A “Tropical Rain Forest” made of paper cutting and folding and marker/colored pencil.


An “Underwater Scene” made with cut paper, sequins and the dashed lines are thread stitching.  This one was on display in the office for a month.


A “Chinese Dragon”.   I just love this one and the next one.


Is this bird COOL or what?!  I just love this bird.

K. loved this class last year.  I was her favorite class.  She loved showing us what she created.  She glowed.  And I loved working on this project with her.

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