It’s FINALLY here!



I spent the morning finalizing my research.  Like I hadn’t heard enough right?  I didn’t look at the presidential candidates.  My choice there was decided long ago.  State and local elections could be just as interesting where I am.  So I started with my local newspaper to view the whole cast of characters.  Some of them are indeed characters.  I read through lots of issues on a lot of websites and I’ve made my decisions.

This will be the first year that G. will get to vote as well.  It’s been cool watching him put his opinion together on what’s important to him and why he will vote.

So what’s important to you?  Whatever it isand whatever your decision… GO VOTE!  You matter.

One thought on “It’s FINALLY here!

  1. I watched oprah on voting and it was way fun! They talked about the POWER of voting…. can you feel the power! Yeah for a free country!

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