Recovery, Halloween, elections, OH MY

  • Wow! That was Awesome!   (The children and teachers did an amazing job on the Primary Presentation!) 

  • Whoa! I slept how long?!

  • Answer : Explosive Poodles;  Question: What you get when you have our family work together on Mad Libs for Family Home Evening

  • How in the SAM HILL do I make sleeves?  A Dress isn’t a quilt!  (said while trying to cut the fabric for K.’s Pocahontas costume)

  • Beads!  No more Beeeeads!!   (at that moment wishing that I’d cut the fringe and left it at that.) 

  • My Costume?  I’m an accident victim.  (and yeeeeessss.  I need a COSTUME for that!)

  • I really wish I could turn off our house phone until after the election.  (I can’t.  and I won’t.  But OOOOOhhhhh, I really wish I could.)

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