Change of Perspective

One of my favorite Photography blogs, Hope and Believe, has a thing they call the weekly challenge.  They challenge each other to improve their photography skills and invite others to join the fun.  I happened to have a couple pictures in my files that fit this weeks challenge, How low can you go? and decided to play.


Yellow roses



These are from my favorite garden.  Sometimes the sky is just so pretty I want to make sure it’s in the photo too.

4 responses to “Change of Perspective”

  1. Wow! This is so beautiful. They both have such amazing colors and the perspective on that 2nd one is so unique. Thank you for playing with us. We’d love to see your work more often!

  2. hello! My goodness Connie, you are an amazing photographer. I am not kidding about getting some of your stuff out there and into some contests or shows or something!!

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