First Thoughts and Impressions

I love General Conference.  I’ll post more later I’m sure, but the first session was so amazing I just couldn’t wait to post a few of the things that were stand-outs for me.  (These aren’t all quotes.  Some have to do with the topic of the speaker’s talk)

  • When I was little all of the temples that were built at the time fit in a circle on the front of my Book of Rememberance.  Less than 30 years later and that would be an impossible cover to achieve.  Amazing.
  • Spritual Benefits of a Simplified Lifestyle.  I need to simplify my life and there are so many ways I can do this and need to do this.  I took a lot of notes during Elder L. Tom Perry’s talk.
  • Prepare to participate in the Sacrament – (I think I talk a little too much before Sacrament Meeting.)
  • “She put Faith and Hope into action”  – Now that is cool.  I need to do that more.

I am so glad that someone over at Segullah issued the Challenge to think of specific questions before Conference and then we’d meet back and discuss the answers.  I didn’t write them down.  And truthfully, my questions weren’t even all that specific (Ok, I did have one specific thing that I may talk about when Conference is over), but just the very act of thinking about them helped focus my thoughts. 

And yes, I’ve gotten some answers already.

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