All thanks to ‘Homemaking Meeting’

When I was younger I wanted to take art, but you couldn’t take art and band.  I chose band so I never got to learn anything above elementary school art.  I loved to doodle, my notebooks would covered in eyes, trees, little five petal flowers (you know, the one with the circle in the middle of 5 petals) geometrical designs – not necessarily all together.  But I thought that’s all that would ever come of it.  Just doodles and sketches.

Until one night I went to Relief Society Homemaking Meeting.  (Yeeeessss, I know it’s called Home, Family & Personal Enrichment now, but back then it was Homemaking Meeting and that’s where I went that night.)  One of the classes was about how to paint.  The instructor of the class did things a little differently.  But then I think she had 20 minutes.  She didn’t have us make something to take home that night.  She simply stood at the front of the room with a large easle and demonstrated The One Stroke Method of Painting. By loading the dark color on one side of the brush and the highlight color on the other of the brush, then depending on how she held and moved the brush it would paint the shadows and highlights of her subject. The brush did the most of the blending work and in no time flat she had painted a beautiful rose and vine. Even better yet the supplies were available at my local craft store. I was SO hooked.

My initial investment was $20 for 1 practice sheet, some paint, and some brushes.  And I started practicing.  Being the type of person to want to change things up I decided I needed to not always follow the lines and I started practicing on paper plates.  The kids thought this was the coolest thing they had ever seen and actually would ask to keep some of those plates.


This is my latest project.  I could still stand to learn a whole lot about painting.  I only pull out the brushes once in a blue moon at the moment.  But I don’t think it’s so out of the realm of possibilities.  If you can draw a five petal flower I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibilities for you either.

It’s also my interpretation of 3 of the songs our children sing in Primary.  Can you tell which ones?  (Some are more loosely interpreted than others.)

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