Personality test, sshmersonlity test!

You sit down, prepared to be enlightened.  Ready for the all important wisdom that will guide you along your path.  Pen at hand you anxiously await the precious codes that will unlock your future dreams.

Yeah.  Phooey! 

So, the first day of the career fair we took several personality tests.  There were a few of us in the room who actually had some idea of what we’d like to do and really wanted confirmation.  ( Ha.  right.* )  The main tests we were given were the Keirsey Banks Sorter and Holland’s Self-directed Search.  I’ve done the Keirsey Banks test a number of times.  So it’s possible I skewed the results to match my previous result.  I’ll admit it. 

I don’t recall taking Holland’s before though.  This test results in one main 3 letter code with 5 other combinations of those 3 letters.  These 3 letters are then translated into a list of careers.  Would you like to know how many careers where in my list from ALL 6 codes?  Good.  I’m going to tell you. 

7.  7 TOTAL careers.  That’s because for most of the codes the “Lists of occupations” simply referred back to 2 main codes.  Good grief!  And some of the occupations can’t even be found in the occupational handbook.  WHAT?!  The occupation I had decided upon?  NOT in those 7.  GOoooo, Figure. 

It was in the list (a NICE long list) of occupations for the code right below it though.  So I’ve decided I like that code better.  It’s one letter difference.  Close enough.  I’l take it.


*PS – Everyone who had some idea of what they wanted to do ended up in this situation.  Like the woman across the table who had already started taking college classes towards her career?  It wasn’t on her list – but hey – Her career was in my list of 7!



PPS – In the interest of full disclosure I should mention that we were given abreviated versions of these tests.  It is possible that we would have gotten other results if administered differently.

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