Things My Grandma Tried to Teach Me

My Grandma was a woman who liked to do things. She was a strong woman who loved her family deeply. She lived most of my life in Southwest Virginia. When we would visit there where just some things you learned by being there.

  • Work isn’t a four letter word and it’s the most fun when you can do it while watching your Mom, Aunts & Uncles together.
  • While you’re at Grandma’s stock up on Apple Butter & Green Beans.  The Apple Butter was the best and for some reason I’m also remembering canned green beans.  Maybe because I really like Green Beans.
  • A garden is the best way to get the best vegetables.  And you have to tend it.  That takes work.  See the top of the list.
  • Roosters next door to Grandma’s house are going to wake you up at a time that only makes sense to them.  And you can’t go shoot him.  He doesn’t belong to Grandma.
  • Make sure if you have a big family reunion with almost all the Aunts and Uncles and cousins staying at Grandma’s that there is adequate plumbing.  It won’t be pretty otherwise.
  • Cow’s have an attitude.  Ok, Grandma didn’t teach me this.  This guy did….


I guess he didn’t like his close-up.

  • You can be strong, opinionated and stubborn and still show those around you that you love them and be a lady through and through.

My Grandma was a neat lady.  I don’t think I’ve learned the most important lessons from her nearly like I should.  But I’m working on it.

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