I’m nuts not nut’s…

So, truth be told, I tend to be a bit crazy about my grammar.  When I was in school it was my best subject.  I knew the rules, even the ones I had trouble with.  See, that’s a dangling participle.  It should read, “even the ones with which I had trouble.” ?  Or something like that, but that’s why I have trouble with them because it sounds wierd to talk that way. 

The problem now is it’s been quite a few years since I’ve been in school (I did just have a son graduate high school myself) and the memory just isn’t what it used to be (heh, it wasn’t all that great then either!).  Not to mention that there are a couple rules that have changed a couple times since then (so do you put a comma in a list before “and” or not?).  How is a girl like me supposed to keep up?

I’ve found a couple things to help.  One is a blog called, Writing on the Wall. You can actually send them a question and they will post an answer. I think a recent post about Apostrophe Catasrophes has answered a long standing question of mine.  Is it “Girl’s Camp” or “Girls’ Camp”?  Since more than one girl attends, it would seem that it should be the plural possesive and be “Girls’ Camp”  So why didn’t I write it that way in this post here?  Better yet, when in doubt, leave it out.  Why didn’t I just call it Young Women Camp if I didn’t know?

See, I’m nuts.  The nice thing is I only analyze my grammer this much.  Ok….. and how my children speak it.

One thought on “I’m nuts not nut’s…

  1. My favorite grammar reference is a fun little book called “Much Ado About A Lot” by Mary Newton Bruder. Classic grammar rules combined with subtle wit make it a delightful way to brush up on those obscure rules.

    I find though, that when I’m blogging, I tend to cast grammar rules to the wind. Well, sentence structure, anyway. The apostrophe stuff and spelling I’m pretty particular about mostly, except for the times when I completely blow it.

    Being a grammar nazi is fun!

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