“I’m gonna need more rope!”

After waiting for years and years our patience finally paid off and someone finally realized that Freakazoid needed to be shared once again with the masses. Our family absolutely loves Freakazoid. His alter ego is a computer geek. Freakazoid is blue. He can’t fly, even though he’s a super hero. He runs around town with his arms out in front of him (picture your 2 year old and how they demonstrate a super hero flying). The shows really make no sense. They spoof just about everything and everyone (they love to poke fun at network censors).

And now that we have season one on DVD our family is once again quoting the show. The title of this post is said by Candlejack when all the kids at camp keep saying his name. He ends up catching lots of campers as a result. There are LOTS of quotes from this episode! It my favorite episode. I’m sitting here giggling just thinking about it.

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