The Possibilities Are Endless

Do you hear that?  It’s the dog snoring.  That’s how quiet it is in my house right now.  Normally by now there is at least one child up on the computer or on the wii.  Not this morning.  They’re all off to Youth Conference until the weekend. 

I love the fact that I trust them – even more I trust their leaders to watch over them as well.  K. has some special needs and that’s a big deal.  We would have gone if needed, but we weren’t needed.  Now Kevin and I have 2 days to ourselves.  Can I just say THIS IS SO COOL!!!

Ok, at the moment Kevin is at work.  That means it’s just me.  I get to pick what I want to do.  As a friend mentioned when I was dropping the kids off – I can quilt and not worry about them seeing what I’m working on.  I may go to the gardens.  I may not.  Kevin and I can just spend time together at home, just us. 

Oh, I miss the kids when their gone. Um,… sortof.  And I want to hear about everything when they get home.  But for now?  As they say, the possibilities are endless.

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