Topic Hopping

Other people call it  Random thoughts – I call it Topic Hopping.  When your mind doesn’t seem to settle on one subject but jump from one to the other.   When I’m in serious topic hop mode having a conversation with me can be seriously difficult to follow.  This post could also be called a brain dump.

– Folks, life is messy.  It’s not always neat and tidy wrapped up in bow.  There aren’t always easy answers to all the questions.  Sometimes blessings come in strange ways.  Sometimes people help, sometimes you have to find that help yourself.  Just because I’m at church on Sunday with a smile doesn’t mean I don’t know about problems or how difficult life can be.  Don’t assume that you can tell what my family goes through on a regular basis because you see us enjoy each other’s company and work well together.  We work hard at it.  Sometimes more than others.  The fact is, with work you can enjoy church on Sunday and have a good time with your family.  Maybe not all the time.  But when you do, WOW.  Hold them close for the those times when you struggle. 

– Have you ever noticed how some children’s wake-up habits follow how they were born?  G. took a bit of coaxing because he he had to be induced early (it was 2 weeks early and he took 2 days…) .  Now if it’s early for something he’s not motivated to be at – he takes a lot of coaxing.  C. (my middle son) just needed to be reminded that hey, it’s time to go and we were off and running.  Now so long as he knows when he needs to be there we’re good to go, but if it’s not on the calendar, or he has the time wrong he’ll forget and you’ll need to make sure he knows what time or he’s going to be late.  Once he’s reminded he’s at top speed and moving and out the door.  K. (our daughter) was the easiest.  No reminder, she was a self starter.  She had her own date in mind.  But it was an easy birth compared to the others (still no drugs though  – I only got those with C.)   Now, she’s the family calendar.  Give her the date she keeps it,  she’s dressed and ready (when it’s something she wants to be at – she is a teenager!)  I just think it’s kind of funny how they seem to have set the pattern so early.

– I’m currently trying to get a job.  It’s an interesting thing since most of the work I’ve done has been volunteer (not all for church).  Getting my resume together seems so complicated as well.  Add in that Kevin and I got married rather young and I didn’t do anything at that time to continue my formal education SO there is a big blank on the resume.  I’m trying to convince them that the things I’ve taught myself are adequate.  I read a lot and research to keep up, but that doesn’t give you piece of paper that says “I’m certified”.  We’ll see what happens. 

Hmmm.. ok not too many topics I guess.

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