Why I like Girl’s Camp

  • For one week a year the girls in our church have a chance to get together and just be themselves.
  • I have a teenage daughter who has learned much from being able to participate in this camp every year.  In spite of having a learning disability she has been accepted.  This year was her fourth year and they went on a 25 mile hike together over 3 days.
  • Being able to be just a bit silly myself sometime during this week.  Not one of the girls, but a little more relaxed than when your not camping.


  • Scenes like the one above early in the morning before any of the girls would even think of waking up.

PS – Things I don’t like: really LOUD birds with a rooster complex who think it’s their job to sing so the sun will rise!  It will do just fine without you for cryin’ out loud!  Give it up.

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