A year in the Planning…

Midnight at Sea
Midnight at Sea

And yet it only took about a week to make this quilt. REALLY actual time making the quilt was probably about a week. Ok, I didn’t work on it 7 straight days. They were spread out when I had time to work on it and in between other quilts. But the method is that simple, honest and no foolin’.

I knew the first time I saw one of these types of quilts that I wanted to make one, I even knew that I’d make it for G. Graduation seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it to him. So I had time to work on it. And Plan. Because I didn’t buy a book or a pattern. Might have helped a tad at the end. Maybe. Maybe not. I’m just glad I have friends who know what they’re doing and have made this quilt as well. And a GREAT friend who helped me quilt it so it would turn out like I really wanted.

I like it. More importantly, G. likes it. Now I can move on to some others in the works. I’ve only got Hmm… quilts planned in my head through 2009 at least.

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